Danish illustrator company found a printhouse in Sweden with the help of EEN

Martin Schwartz is a modern Danish illustrator and graphic designer from Copenhagen, Denmark, who has designed a series of artwork, depicting the many different buildings found in certain cities.

Martin needed to find a new subcontractor to produce high quality notebooks, depicting his city images. The challenge was that using standard sites is extremely time-consuming and it was extremely difficult to sort out the good quality manufacturers, from the many contacts available.

Martin contacted his local EEN office at Erhvervshus Sjælland, who quickly put him in touch with the Swedish colleagues at Almi Mitt AB. EEN / Almi Mitt in Sundsvall started to look for a suitable printhouse and found good contact with Ågrenshuset in Örnsköldsvik. The next step was to start close dialogue and business negotiations between Ågrenshuset and Martin Schwartz.

Ågrenshuset, an 80-year old Swedish company with a long tradition of providing high-quality printed books and artwork and the two companies agreed on a trial order. The trial proved to be a success and an order was placed for 6000 notebooks, with a cost of just over €150.000, which arrived in 2023. The Danish client was very impressed with the service with the Swedish supplier of notebooks. They started a collaboration, which is expected to expand to other products. Fredrik Lindström, business developer at Ågrenshuset and Martin Schwartz are already discussing a range of other products including gift wrap.